Smarter Media Buying

Imagine if all your media performed -- from test to roll-out? That's the Adcology difference that comes from matching your consumer profile to audience profiles. And because we place millions of dollars in media, we're able to get you the best rates and schedules. 

     Profile Your Customers

NO CHARGE: Our Ph.D. lead team profiles your consumers to identify them in more productive ways than common demographics. Our behavioral profiling also reveals your consumer's radio, podcast, streaming and YouTube engagement patterns throughout the day.

Custom Creative Style Guide 

NO CHARGE: Our proprietary tech scrubs your in-and-outbound social channels and online review sites  for unique and descriptive words, terms, and sentiments. Then our Ph.D. led team develops your creative style guide which we turn into brilliant ad copy.

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ADcology (by MultiMedia•GPS) tops our list with a Ph.D. led team that behaviorally profiles your customers. Their best in class (very cool) tech predicts the radio, satellite, podcast and streaming channels your customers engage all day. It also creates ad copy by scrubbing your social channels for frequently used words and sentiments. Really, really smart!                                                                                                                                                   AdHavior • ​Best Of 2016 of Media

We match your consumer's behavioral and media profiles within our massive database of terrestrial and satellite radio, podcast, and streaming audio audiences as well as on air endorsers and influencers. 



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