• The days of consumers listening to one radio station all day are over.

• Unlimited media options mean your customers bounce between radio stations, podcasts, streaming and online media throughout the day. Once we learn those patterns, we can reach your consumer multiple times a day wherever they go.  ​​

• Our psychology team profiles and matches your consumers within our database of radio, podcast and streaming audiences.​

• We rank your media options and strategies by probability of success. 

• We predict your consumer's media choices all day to reach them across other platforms 

• We customize your ad creative for each media vertical

 Don't waste your media budget

revealing 133 points of actionable behavioral data

No question! Media campaigns thrive on demographic data like consumer's age, gender, education and household income, but relying on customer demos alone leads to failed media tests. Years of experience (placing millions in media each month) has taught us that successful campaigns start with a detailed behavioral profile of your customers. Only then can we track and find your future customers across multimedia channels as well as how to communicate with them using specific words and sentiments that create action.  

​Our Ph.Ds and AD Wizards created an Online Consumer Profiler that literally replaces unreliable focus groups! The core science involves a digital scrubbing and analysis of your inbound and outbound social channels. We augment this analysis with a deep dive session with your consumer facing team.