- We search our database of broadcast partners for on-air and online talent who match your consumer demo and want to use and endorse for you

- We get your product or service into the hands of each talent to create effective endorsement campaigns

- We write your creative, place your media and extend your campaign through each endorser's social channels

We Match Your Product With Endorsers and Influencers

​​STOP! You're paying for that on-air or online talent endorsement... so why not fully leverage it across multiple media channels?  

On-air talent and online social influencers enjoy unparalleled reach, affinity, credibility and influence among their audiences. Still, 90% of advertisers only utilize the endorsement on that talent's primary media.   ​

​​When we engage on-air talent or online influencers to endorse your product or service, we fully leverage that endorsement across the talent's and broadcaster's social channels, email lists, newsletters, news groups, podcasts and video channels.  


Historically, finding, vetting and engaging the RIGHT RADIO ENDORSERS and ONLINE INFLUENCERS has been complicated, hugely time-consuming and often flawed. Our Profiling System and broadcaster relationships provide you with a searchable, sentiment, interest and media matching database of on-air talent and online influencers spanning radio, satellite, YouTube, podcast and streaming media.