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​If can predict who we should date using behavioral algorithms...

Why can't similar tech predict where we should allocate ad budgets?


Having conducted numerous consumer focus groups, I can tell you they are both quite expensive and often significantly flawed and flawed consumer data throws off your entire marketing plan from creative execution to media placement. So when we set out to create our Podcast Optimizer, it was with the promise that:

     a) it had to produce true, actionable marketing data

     b) it had to be simple and accessible online to every marketer

So, with that in mind, here's what our shrinks and data nerds came up with...

To keep it simple, we decided to limit our Podcast Optimizer to just 10 questions, which in and of itself, was a challenge. In marketing terms, 10 data points is nice, but not particularly statistically significant. So, we focused on 10 essential questions that any marketer could answer about their ideal consumer. Next, the platform amplifies the responses. In short, each simple answer relates to ten deeper points of data so the profile becomes statistically meaningful and highly directional such as: personality traits, behavioral tendencies, social, financial, familial, and geopolitical identifiers..

Once we had a detailed profile of a businesses' ideal consumer we simply played matchmaker within our database of podcast and radio audiences to suggest media with the highest probability of success. And as a bonus, since we've literally written thousands of podcast and radio commercials over 20 years, we can predict ad creative that will resonate with your ideal consumer.

Is it really Free? In a word, yes, but with a request. After we profile your ideal consumer and recommend your top podcast options, we ask that you let us place your media. As a full service agency, we receive a discount (our commission) on the podcast and broadcast media we place for you.

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