We have a massive database of meaningful (audience size) national radio programs, local market radio stations, on-air talent and daypart programs. Once we analyze your digital marketing footprint (what works for you online) we'll match your footprint to our audio database so you'll have a clear roadmap for success.


National Public Radio (traditionally non-commercial) may be the most underutilized and misunderstood audio channel in the U.S. While it's true that NPR is non-commercial, we've discovered some unique ways to drive great ROI.  

A Smarter Way to Buy Audio


Pandora, Spotify, iHeart, Amazon... the list goes on and on in the growing universe of streaming, on-demand, customizable audio. The beauty of this audio channel is that you can micro target nicely to your demo and serve up ad impressions along with your audio ad. And yes... we've profiled these channels as well and can pinpoint where you should be buying. 


This is a great platform for transitioning out of digital. The challenge is satellite radio doesn't provide traditional audience measuring tools. So while the upside to advertising on Satellite radio is immense -- you better know how to match your customer to the right channels and programs while navigating away from underperforming channels if you want a winning campaign. 

​           PODCAST

There are 50,000+ podcasts, but which ones do your customers listen to? We'll tell you. Once we profile your consumers, our platform overlays that over our massive database of podcast audience profiles. That's how we pinpoint which podcasts to buy for you.   

                                                                           Buying Audio in a Digital World
Digital marketers face a daunting task of trying to predict how their onlinemetrics will translate over to
offline mediaWe've made it braindead simple to migrate and scale online to audio channels with our proprietary Podcast Optimizer and Media Conversion Metrics. In a nutshell... you answer 10 easy questions about your consumer and we'll create your custom Behavioral Profile and then match that profile to our media partners audience profiles. Basically, we'll predict the audio channels, shows, and endorsers that will perform best.