A recent recording of Dr. Greg's Success From Scratch radio program featuring Jerry B., retired IRS Agent (lower left), Harry Langenberg, Optima Tax Relief Founder and client (center) and Dr. Greg (host – bottom right) 

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Success From Scratch • Radio Program

Featured Client: Optima Tax Relief

​Duration: 30 Min.

We've Reinvented Long-Form Radio

Traditionally, LONG FORM RADIO SHOWS are those sponsored weekend or overnight half hours that you literally strain a rotator cuff trying to turn off. We’re talking mind-numbingly; small self-inflicted cries for help on your arms - BAD radio! And I would know because, as a talk show host in LA, the ugliest part of my job was hosting radio-infomercials extolling the virtues of a happy colon or no more joint pain. I’d whine to my GM who would sarcastically reply, ‘You’re the shrink… make it interesting’. Yeah, no... pretty sure I bombed, but advertisers loved 'em and frankly, long form radio drove solid ROI - but that was the '90s and long form radio sort of went the way of fanny packs and cargo pants. 

Fast forward to 2005. I'd left my radio show and started an ad agency helping great clients like Dollar Shave Club, LifeLock, and LegalZoom. Most long form radio had dried-up (evidence of a deity) and we all kinda forgot about it for a number of years – until about a year ago when we decided to reinvent it. 


We've reintroduced GEN-2 Long Form Radio to our advertisers and broadcast partners. It's revolutionary because it combines:

  • RADIO - We produce a great radio show with great content to attract, hold an audience, and inspire consumer action.
  • Additionally, we've forged broadcaster partnerships with top rated radio stations across the US so your shows air when people are listening.
  • VIDEO - We can also video your half hour radio show.

         This provides you with compelling and highly sharable content that we can post to the station's website, your                  website, and  video sharing platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

  • SOCIAL MEDIA - Our platform matches your radio show content with our database of social channels allowing us to distribute your great content where it will be liked, shared and have the most impact.

Consider these questions:

  1. If your product needs more than :60 seconds for consumers to understand its full value - explore long form radio. 
  2. If your product should be seen or demonstrated for consumers to understand its full value - explore long form radio.
  3. If your product needs experts and testimonials for consumers to understand its full value - explore long form radio.
  4. If your product requires lengthy disclaimers rendering :60 radio challenging - explore long form radio.